Explore Jagdalpur Chhattisgarh: The Hidden Gem of India

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Explore Jagdalpur Chhattisgarh
Explore Jagdalpur Chhattisgarh

Jagdalpur is located in Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. This place is not that popular as a tourist spot. Perhaps that is why it is considered a hidden gem of Bastar. Very few people come here to visit. But in reality it is a place where there is a lot to visit and see. The cultural heritage and rich history of Jagdalpur is unique in itself. So let’s know about these places:

Bastar Palace

While visiting Jagdalpur, you must visit Bastar Palace and learn about the history of Bastar. The architecture of this palace is simply worth seeing. While roaming in the courtyards, palace halls and gardens of this palace, you once again get immersed in the bygone era. These palaces showcase the rich culture and traditions of that region.

Kanger Valley National Park

If you are a wildlife or nature lover then you must visit Kanger Valley National Park in Jagdalpur. In this national park established in 1982, you will get a chance to see many types of wildlife. Here you can experience eco-tourism. The national park is full of wildlife, limestone caves and forests etc. Here you can go on a jungle safari to see many interesting creatures including wild cats, deer, chital, jackal etc. Kutumsar and Kailash are two caves within the National Park.

Anthropological Museum

The Anthropological Museum located in Jagdalpur helps you understand the tribal heritage of Chhattisgarh. This anthropological museum aims to provide tourists a glimpse of the culture and lifestyle of Bastar tribes. This museum was established in 1972. In this museum you get a chance to see tribal artifacts, handicrafts, traditional costumes and various cultural displays.

Dandak Caves

Dandak Caves located in Kanger Valley National Park of Chhattisgarh has its own importance. It gives a feeling of peace to those in exile. Trek through the forest to reach these fascinating caves and learn about their historical significance. During this period it is considered to be the residence of Bhagwan Ram. These caves are present amidst dense forests which give a feeling of peace to the tourists. Trek through the forest to reach these fascinating caves and learn about their historical significance.

Tirathgarh Falls

Tirathgarh Waterfall is located near Jagdalpur and the beauty here is simply worth seeing. This 300 feet waterfall is amidst dense forests, which provides a different experience to the people coming here. While you’re here, take a dip in this natural pool. Also, click some great pictures. This is a place where you should definitely visit once.

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