Budget 2023: What is the alternative of gold Jewelry

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gold jewelry alternative
gold jewelry alternative

In the Union Budget 2023, which came on February 1, the names of gold, silver and platinum etc. are all included in the expensive things. In such a situation, a clear effect will be seen on the beauty of the wedding season. Those whose new bride is about to come home and the parents who have to bid farewell to their daughter, are now in a dilemma as to what they will be able to gift their daughter.

However, you can fulfill your desire to wear gold jewelry with other options as well. For this, today we will tell you what those options are.

Gold Plated Jewelry
⦿ You must have heard about gold plated jewelry many times. It is also called 1 gram jewelry. This jewelry is made of solid metal and is polished in 1 gram of gold. It has a very fine layer of very gold polish.
⦿ You will find all kinds of ornaments in gold plated jewelry, no one will be able to say that they are not gold by looking at them. You will have to pay the price for the heavy set you take.
⦿ The biggest drawback of this jewelry is that after some time its polish starts fading. But the good thing is that you can get the gold polished again on the jewelry.

Gold Polish on Silver
⦿ This type of gold jewelry is also called Vermeil gold jewelry. You can get this type of jewelry in any good jewelry shop, where silver jewelry is available.
⦿ This type of jewelry is made of solid silver and is coated with a thick layer of gold polish. This layer is of 10 carat gold. This layer is 2.5 microns.
⦿ Gold polish mounted on silver starts to fade after some time. If you wear this type of jewelry only on a special occasion, then it’s polish remains for a long time.
⦿ You should always keep this type of jewelry in a muslin cloth so that the polish does not fade and the jewelry does not turn black. You should also keep it away from perfume etc.

Gold Filled Jewelry
⦿ From the name itself, you can guess that gold is filled with metal in it. You can understand it in such a way that it contains 5 to 10 percent gold. In this type of jewelry, gold is also filled and prepared by mixing it with a thick polish of gold or metal.
⦿ This type of jewelry does not tarnish for 10 to 20 years if kept properly. The best part is that it also has resale value. Whenever your heart is full, you can sell it or you can also buy new jewelry by paying some price in exchange for jewelry.

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