Earn ₹ 3.50 lakh from this plant, and get help from the government also.

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Earn ₹ 3.50 lakh from this plant, and get help from the government also.
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Most people believe that starting a business is not an easy task. This is because they feel that it is necessary to invest heavily before starting a business. If you also think the same way, then you must know about a person who earned lakhs of rupees by doing a plant business. This young man is from Maharashtra. This young man has earned lakhs of rupees by cultivating bamboo. He started this business after completing his studies in IT. The governor of the state has also praised this young man for this feat. The name of the young man is Prashant Daate. The information about bamboo cultivation was given to the donor by a forest officer.

Prashant earned millions from bamboo farming

You will be surprised to know that there are 148 species of bamboo in this whole world. Of these species, he has collected 96 species. Along with this, he has claimed that the collection of these many species of bamboo will not be found anywhere. The special thing is that this collection of bamboo has also been recognized by India Book of Records and Limca Book of Records.

Prashant Daate is now trying to spread awareness about bamboo cultivation among more and more farmers. Along with increasing your business, bamboo farming also protects the environment. Generally, it takes 3 to 4 years for the cultivation of bamboo to be ready. Bamboo plants are ready for harvesting in the fourth year. In bamboo cultivation, a distance of 3 to 4 meters should be kept between two plants. You can also use its leaves as animal feed.

Know about expenses and earnings on Bamboo

In bamboo cultivation,₹ 240 has to be spent for a plant during three years. Out of this, the help of ₹ 120 for a plant is received from the government. The person who wants to cultivate bamboo will have to spend only 50 percent of the amount. The remaining 50 per cent cost is borne by the government. For the cultivation of this plant, 60 percent of the money is given by the central government while the remaining 40 percent is given by the state government. 1500 to 2500 bamboo plants can be grown on one hectare of land. If you want to do bamboo cultivation then you will get complete information about it from the nodal officer. There is a huge demand for bamboo furniture in the market. Farmers cultivating this bamboo can earn good profits.

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