Diabetic patients should not eat roti made of this flour

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Diabetic patients should not eat roti made of this flour
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The number of diabetes patients is increasing all over the world. In today’s time, if India is called the capital of diabetes, then there is nothing surprising in it. One or the other person in every household in India is suffering from this disease. There is no permanent cure for this disease. Staying away from this disease is the only cure. That’s why it is very important for you to eat a healthy diet to prevent this disease. Along with this, you should stay away from  the consumption of things, which increases your blood sugar level.

Sugar patients should avoid eating this flour 

Rewind a few moments of your life and think about the flour roti you ate throughout the day. You will find that you eat wheat flour rotis maximum times in a day. Many health experts believe that due to excessive consumption of flour, the sugar level in our blood increases.

In most of the houses, whenever they go to the kitchen to make chapatis made of wheat flour, before preparing it the bran is separated from the dry flour. After extracting it, the flour used for making rotis becomes no less than a poison for diabetics.

Chapatis made from these grain will not harm diabetes patients

1) Millet(Bajra)
There is no harm to diabetic patients in consuming millet rotis. In winter, rotis made of Millet are consumed with great fervor. Millet is also very beneficial for health.

2) Maize(makka)
Maize flour is considered healthier than wheat flour. Eating  this, the sugar level  in the blood of your body does not increase. Starch is present in maize, which reduces the response of insulin and glucose in the body.

3) Gram(Chana)
Gram flour rotis are considered very good for health. This is because chickpea flour is gluten free. This is the reason why it proves to be beneficial for diabetes patients.

4) Sorghum(Jowar)
Sorghum flour is rich in dietary fiber. After eating it, one does not feel hungry for a long time and feels full. Eating this does not lead to obesity, which is very important for diabetic patients.

Disclaimer – This article is based on general information. It is advisable to consult an expert in this field to get more information. UltraNewsTV does not verify or accept any responsibility for this information.

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