Smartphone Side-Effects on Teenagers

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Smartphone Side-Effects to Teenagers
Smartphone Side-Effects to Teenagers

Smart phones have become a special part of not only our lives but also the lives of children. It seems difficult to imagine our life without it, but it has as many disadvantages as it has advantages. Recently, a study conducted in Korea has made a shocking revelation about the harm it causes to teenagers. This study found that teenagers who use smartphones for more than 4 hours a day are at greater risk of adverse effects on their mental health.

This study was published in the journal for which the data of about 50,000 teenagers was analyzed. This included data about how long they use the phone and their health. It was found that children who use phones for more than 4 hours a day have higher stress levels. They also have more suicidal thoughts and drug use than other children. Therefore, there is a need to use smart phones properly and not to use them for long periods of time. Let us know in which ways you can manage your children’s phone time.

Set Screen Time Limits

Every smartphone has the feature of setting screen time limits. By using this you can reduce the screen time of your children. Due to less screen time, the stress level of children reduces and their mind is able to relax better. Due to this, their health also improves and they participate in other physical activities.

Don’t Keep the Phone in Their Room

With smartphones in kids’ rooms, they can easily access their phones and stop being off the phone. Therefore, do not keep smartphones in their room, especially not while sleeping at night. By keeping the smart phone in children’s room while sleeping, their attention may get attracted towards it again and again, due to which their sleep gets hampered. Therefore, keep smartphones out of their room.

Explain the disadvantages

Discuss with children about the disadvantages of excessive use of smartphones. This will help them understand better why you prevent them from using the phone frequently. Therefore, tell them about the harm caused by this.

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