Best sunscreen lotion for skin

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Which sunscreen lotion is best for skin
Which sunscreen lotion is best for skin

Skin starts deteriorating in summer. That’s why people use sunscreen, so that the effects of strong sunlight are not visible on the face. But many times it happens that we do not like the sunscreen we buy for ourselves. Sometimes it starts appearing too sticky or creates the problem of pimples on our face. This is because there are many things that we forget to take care of before choosing a sunscreen lotion. This spoils our skin. Let us tell you what things you should keep in mind.

Check UV before buying Sunscreen Lotion

Whenever you buy sunscreen, check the UV A and UV B protection on its bottle. This is because this is necessary to protect our skin. Also, it does not make you sweat much. You can apply it on your skin even before going swimming. In this you will get sunscreen lotion cream of every brand.

Buy Sunscreen Lotion according to Skin Type

Sunscreen lotion also comes in different types. In such a situation, it is important that you choose sunscreen lotion according to your skin type. For example, if your skin is oily then you can take cream based sunscreen. Whereas for dry skin, you can take gel based lotion. This will protect your skin.

Check Expiry before buying Sunscreen Lotion

If you do not want any kind of skin problem, then before buying sunscreen lotion, you must check its expiry. This is because if its expiry is not checked then it can create problems on your skin. Also, if you have skin problems, do not apply it on your face.

Sunscreen is most important in summer. Therefore, you should keep these important things in mind before applying it. Also, it should be applied properly on your skin. This does not cause skin problems. If you want, you can also take expert advice for this.

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