World No Tobacco Day: 2024 Celebrated Theme and Know How to Quit Smoking Habit

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World No Tobacco Day

‘World No Tobacco Day’ is celebrated every year on 31 May. The purpose of which is to inform and make people aware about the dangers of tobacco. Every year millions of people around the world die due to tobacco consumption. Know the reasons for which celebration of this day was started here.

Beginning of celebration of World No Tobacco Day

The World Health Organization had decided to celebrate World No Tobacco Day in the year 1987. The reason behind this was that at that time the number of deaths due to tobacco was much higher than any other disease. The purpose of celebrating this day globally was to make people aware about the dangers of tobacco consumption and measures to stop it. Many types of programs are organized on this occasion, through which people can understand its dangers.

Theme of No Tobacco Day 2024

Every year World No Tobacco Day is celebrated with a special theme. The theme of No Tobacco Day 2024 in the year 2024 is Protecting Children From Tobacco Industry Interference.

The harmful effects of tobacco are not limited to smokers only, but those who are exposed to the smoke are also at risk. They can also be affected by heart diseases, respiratory diseases and certain types of cancer. Overall, tobacco use causes significant harm to physical health, leading to increased morbidity and mortality and reduced quality of life.

Smoking is harmful to health. This is written on every cigarette box. But even after this warning, people continue to consume cigarettes indiscriminately. Due to smoking, people become vulnerable to many serious diseases. Lung diseases caused by this include chronic bronchitis and lung cancer. If you also want to stay away from tobacco and do not understand how to stay away from it, then we are telling you some tips given by experts which will help you a lot.

Make these 5 small changes in your lifestyle to give up the habit of smoking

  • To quit the habit of smoking, you can take the help of nicotine replacement therapy. This is one of the first things that people start with. Nicotine gum or patch helps reduce tobacco cravings. It supplies some nicotine to the body but does not contain harmful chemicals like tobacco.
  • Everyone has their own trigger points that lead to the desire to smoke. If you want to stay away from smoking, recognize and avoid these triggers, such as going to parties, talking on the phone for long periods of time, or being stressed, all of which often lead to the urge to smoke. Try to stay away from these activities as much as possible.
  • Keep yourself regularly involved in physical activities. Set a routine and do some physical activity. You run, walk or go to the gym. Doing this distracts you and reduces your craving for tobacco.
  • Stick to your goal. Often people express their desire to smoke just one cigarette to satisfy their craving for tobacco, but doing so is like fooling themselves. If you smoke one cigarette, your craving to smoke more will increase. In such a situation, whenever you feel like smoking a cigarette, control yourself.
  • To fight tobacco cravings, you can take help of some relaxation techniques. Like doing deep breathing exercises, doing yoga, listening to music or doing your favorite activities. With all this you will be able to relax yourself.

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