Celebrate Holi in Rajasthan in Royal way

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Holi in Rajasthan in royal way
Holi in Rajasthan in royal way

Indian people get filled with enthusiasm on hearing the name of Holi, the festival of red-yellow, green and blue colors. It is one such festival which is celebrated with great pomp and show in every corner of the country. To celebrate Holi, people also reach in large numbers in many cities of Rajasthan to celebrate. Foreign tourists also come here to play Holi.

In such a situation, if you are also planning to celebrate Holi in Rajasthan, then we are telling you 3 travel plans. Let’s know.

Braj Holi celebration in Rajasthan
If you are thinking that Braj Holi is celebrated only in Mathura or Vrindavan, then you should also reach Rajasthan once. You can reach Bharatpur in Rajasthan to celebrate Braj Holi.

Braj Holi is celebrated with great pomp and show in Bharatpur. It is believed that this special day is celebrated on the occasion of Holi in Bharatpur from around the 18th century.

Dhulendi Holi celebration in Rajasthan
The city of Jaipur, known worldwide as the Pink City, is considered one of the best destinations to celebrate Holi. Here too, like Mathura, every day is celebrated in a special way.

In such a situation, if you want to celebrate Lathmar Holi along with Dhulendi Holi, then you can reach Jaipur. On the occasion of Dhulendi Holi, a large-scale colorful program is also organized here.

Dolchi Holi Celebration in Rajasthan
Just as Braj Holi is famous in Bharatpur and Dhulendi Holi in Jaipur, similarly Dolchi Holi is very popular in Bikaner, Rajasthan. It is believed that there was a dispute between two communities over throwing water and gradually this dispute turned into colors. After this dispute, the practice of celebrating it as Dolchi Holi started every year in Bikaner.

How to reach these cities of Rajasthan?
It is very easy to reach Bharatpur, Jaipur or Bikaner city of Rajasthan. One can reach these cities from any corner of the country. You can easily reach the city by reaching Bharatpur Railway Station. Similarly, by reaching Jaipur railway from any corner of the country, you can go for sightseeing in the city. Bikaner railway station is also connected to many states of the country.

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