Global Recession 2023

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Global Recession 2023
Global Recession 2023

Now only 6 months of 2023 have been completed and in America alone more than 194000 American employees have lost their jobs so far. This data has been released by America’s only Forbes Layoff Tracker. Due to the fear of global recession, this fear is also haunting all the employers. Know how many companies have retrenched how many employees so far.

The wave of layoffs is still on in 2023 and employers fear a global recession is on the way. Let us know which company has retrenched how many employees so far.

More layoffs in tech companies

  • Tech companies have had to bear the brunt of major layoffs this year. In tech too, Google’s parent company Alphabet laid off 12,000 employees in January.
  • Apart from Alphabet, Amazon, which fired more than 18,000 people at the end of last year. Let us tell you that after removing 10,000 employees in November, the company had fired another 8,000 people.
  • Microsoft announced cutbacks in January, affecting 10,000 employees, while in February, Microsoft-owned Internet technology company GitHub removed 300 positions, and in May, Microsoft announced a layoff from its headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Cut 158 ​​other employees.

More than 74 thousand jobs lost in January only

  • In January, more than 74,000 American employees lost their jobs, in which Salesforce fired 7,900 people, Goldman Sachs fired 3,200 people, and IBM ) laid off 3,900 people.
  • Manufacturing giant 3M also earmarked several rounds of layoffs in 2023, with the Scotch tape and Post-It Notes maker cutting 2,500 positions in January before cutting another 6,000 jobs in April.

In addition, some of the biggest layoffs this year include Morgan Stanley, which cut 3,000 positions in May, David Bridal, which cut more than 9,200, Dell (6,650), and Disney (7,000). Layoffs have also hit nearly 40 media companies in 2023.

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