Nageshwar Baba Mandir Kanpur: This Temple of Bhagwan Shiva is Very Unique

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Bhagwan Shiva
Bhagwan Shiva

Nageshwar Baba Temple which is located in Nayaganj, Kanpur. The specialty of the temple is that Bhagwan Shiv is decorated in different ways during Sawan Mondays, giving darshan to the devotees in a new form every Sawan Monday. Nageshwar Baba appeared in the form of Khatu Shyam and Mahakal on the first Monday. A huge crowd of devotees reaches to see this.

There is a queue of devotees from 5 in the morning to receive Baba’s blessings. Mahant Prakashanand Giri Maharaj said that everyday Nageshwar Baba is being prepared in a new form. In this, Baba will be given other forms including Mahakal, sometimes Baba Barfani, sometimes Ardhanarishwar.

This will not happen in any other temple in the city. Nageshwar Baba Temple is one of the ancient, historical, miraculous and mysterious temples of India. Many troubles of life go away just by seeing him. Along with this, there is also a pond hundreds of years old in this temple.

Sawan Somvar Puja rituals at Nageshwar Baba Temple Kanpur Follows like this:

  • Mangala Aarti and Bhog at 5 am on normal days in Sawan, Bhog and Aarti from 12 noon.
  • Jalabhishek from 4 to 6 pm.
  • The doors of the Nageshwar temple will open from 3 am on the Monday of Sawan. The curtains will be closed at 7 pm at the time of Baba’s Shringar.
  • After Shringar, the doors will be opened for darshan from 8 to 12 midnight.

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