Netflix Receives Legal Notice for ‘Derogatory Remarks’ on Madhuri Dixit

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Netflix receives legal notice on Madhuri Dixit
Netflix receives legal notice on Madhuri Dixit

A political analyst has sent a legal notice to streaming company Netflix over an episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, which claims to have used ‘objectionable words’ about Madhuri Dixit.

For Madhuri Dixit, the world is crazy. Her dance and acting are often discussed on social media. At the same time, the fans are seen supporting the actress against those who say bad things. Meanwhile, a political analyst has sent a legal notice to the streaming company Netflix regarding an episode of ‘The Big Bang Theory’, claiming the use of ‘objectionable words’ about Madhuri Dixit. Knowing this, her fans are also seen supporting him. Political analyst Mithun Vijay Kumar has filed a legal notice asking for the removal of the first episode of season two of the show, in which the characters of Raj Koothrapalli, played by Kunal Nayyar, and Jim Parsons, played by Sheldon Cooper, portray Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit. was compared.

In the legal notice, the political analyst said that the remarks made by the character are not only objectionable but also a defamation case. He requested Netflix to remove the episode. For not doing so, he spoke of legal action for promoting discrimination against women. The legal notice has been sent to Netflix’s office in Mumbai. Netflix could not be reached for comment on the matter.

Keeping Her point in the tweet, sending a picture of the notice sent to Netflix, the political analyst wrote, “Recently I saw an episode of the show Big Bang Theory on Netflix where Kunal Nayyar’s character used a derogatory word to show the veteran Bollywood actress.” Makes use of. Being a fan of Madhuri Dixit since childhood, I was very upset with the dialogue. I found it highly disrespectful to Indian culture and women. So I asked my lawyer to send a legal notice to Netflix, requesting them to remove the episode from their platform. Media companies need to be held accountable for the content they provide and I hope Netflix India will take this matter seriously.

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