Best Street Foods in Chennai Apart from Idli Dosa

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Chennai Street Food
Chennai Street Food

Chennai which was also known as Madras at one time. It is the capital of Tamil Nadu and one of the largest cities in South India. Chennai is known as the safest city of India. Let us tell you that it is also known as the health capital of India. Chennai is not only the best tourist spot but also has tasty street food to eat and drink. If you taste the delicious dishes here filled with wonderful traditional spices, you will always remember its taste. If you are planning to visit or visit here, then definitely taste these famous street foods available here.

So let us know about the famous street food of Chennai.

Kothu Parotta

This is a classic and tasty street food of Tamil Nadu. Egg Kothu Parotta is made using leftover paratha and eggs along with some pickled onions, tomatoes and other vegetables. You can easily taste Kothu Parotta anywhere in the streets of Chennai.


It is an orange colored noodles, which is made with many types of vegetables. This street food, which is easily available in the Burma market of Chennai, is also known as Burmese food due to its popularity in the market. Children will like this spicy and tasty dish very much.

Masala Sundal

This Masala Sundal is very popular in Viduthalai Nagar, Chennai. You might have eaten many types of dishes from gram, from chickpeas to chaat, but coconut, raw mango and local spices are used in this sundal prepared from white gram. Being a famous street food of Chennai, its stalls can be easily found everywhere.

Podi Dosa

You all must have tasted many types of dosa, from rava to masala and moong, but if you go to Chennai then definitely eat this podi dosa. This is a famous street food of Chennai, which is eaten as breakfast or lunch. A special kind of spice called podi is added to this dosa and served.


It is made from boiled rice noodles. Like other noodles, it is not served with sauce or vegetables but with coconut milk and curry.

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