Hair Loss in Men: 10 reasons behind hair loss!

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hair loss in man
hair loss in man

Hair loss is terrible for everyone. This has a direct effect on mental health. There are many treatments that can help regrow hair and prevent excessive hair loss. Men usually struggle with hair loss after an age. So let’s find out what are the reasons behind hair loss in men.

  1. Genetics
    Hair loss is often hereditary, meaning it runs in the family. If someone in your family is constantly losing hair, then it can happen to you later too.
  2. Age effect
    As we age, the growth of our hair also slows down. In some cases, the hair just stops growing. Due to this, the hair starts thinning or the hair starts decreasing.
  3. Change in hormones
    Changes in hormones are also the reason for reducing the number of hairs. Dihydrotestosterone causes hair loss in a person.
  4. Effect of medicines
    There are many such medicines, due to which the hair starts decreasing. Generally, due to medicines for arthritis, high blood pressure, cancer, depression, heart diseases, etc., the number of hair also decreases.
  5. Other health conditions
    If your hair is continuously falling, then diseases like lupus, thyroid or anemia can be responsible behind it.
  6. Stress
    Hair loss can be due to physical or mental stress. However, hair loss due to stress is usually temporary and goes away on its own.
  7. Diet
    If there is a lack of essential nutrients like protein, iron, zinc in the diet, then this also leads to continuous hair fall.
  8. Hairstyle is also the reason
    There are also some hairstyles, due to which the hair starts decreasing. These include ponytails, cornrows, in which the hair gets pulled and starts breaking.
  9. Infection
    Sometimes due to fungal infection on the scalp, the hair falls a lot. A bacterial infection such as syphilis can also result in complete baldness.
  10. Alopecia Areata
    It is an autoimmune disease in which hair falls out in patches. In severe cases, the person becomes completely bald.

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