Why is this saree of South famous as Temple saree?

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Why is this saree of South famous as temple saree?
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Indian culture is famous all over the world for its festival, clothes, dishes and linguistic diversity. The culture here is so vast that you will find something new and unique at every step. As many colors are there in the festivals here, you will see the same colors in the different costumes here. Not only the color but the type of these dresses, their special style and your best look after wearing them will make your heart very happy. The names of all these dresses are also very special, so today we are going to talk about temple saree with you.

If we talk about the dress of Indian women, then they love to wear sarees. A very elegant look comes after wearing a saree. There are many varieties of saree available in India. But today we are going to tell you about the famous Konrad saree of Tamil Nadu.

This saree is also called temple saree. This saree is mostly woven in areas like Arni, Kanchipuram, Kumbakonam, Rasipuram, Salem, Thanjavur and Tirubhuvanam in the eastern parts of Tamil Nadu.

The most special thing about this saree is that it is hand woven. It is very difficult to weave as compared to other sarees. The specialty of this saree is that it has exclusive designs inspired by natural elements, fauna and flora. This saree is called Pattu or Kampi because of the special designs present on the border, which is located about 3 cm near the edge of the saree.

The popular temples of South are also designed in this saree, hence this saree is also called Temple or Mubham saree.

Features of Temple Saree

Traditionally handwoven, the Konrad saree has a check or striped pattern on the fringe. The end of the pallu of the saree has golden thread embroidery work or broad zari stripes.
In today’s new designer version of this saree, the zari work has been removed and the saree has been made slightly longer.
You will get to see a lot of grey, black, brown and off-white colors in this type of saree.
You will find motifs of temples etc. as well as motifs of animals and natural things, which are called Korvai in these sarees.

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