Blood Cancer Symptoms?

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Blood Cancer Symptoms-Signs
Blood Cancer Symptoms-Signs

We all know how deadly a disease cancer is. People get scared as soon as they hear its name. Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide. Cancer occurs when cells in the body start growing abnormally. There are many types of cancer, and their symptoms are also different. Today we will tell you about the symptoms of blood cancer. This cancer is also known as a hematologic malignancy.

So let us know what are the symptoms of blood cancer:

Feeling Constantly Tired

Sometimes you feel tired due to not eating properly or due to lack of water in the body, but if you feel tired continuously, then it can be a sign of blood cancer. The problem of anemia also occurs due to lack of blood in the body.

Sudden Weight Loss

When cancer cells grow in the body, there is a change in metabolism, which leads to sudden weight loss. This is one of the early symptoms of blood cancer.

Frequent Infections

If you continuously fall victim to some infection, then definitely consult a doctor. In case of blood cancer, there is a deficiency of WBC in the body, due to which the patients become victims of frequent infections.

Swollen Lymph Nodes

There can be many reasons for swollen lymph nodes. Often people ignore this swelling, but if you feel pain in areas like neck or underarms etc., get yourself checked immediately.

Pain in Bones

The patient may have persistent back pain or pain in the ribs. These may be symptoms of blood cancer. If you are also troubled by this pain continuously, then definitely take expert advice.

Bruising and Bleeding Easily

If there is prolonged bleeding even after a minor injury, then this sign may be related to blood cancer. Bleeding from gums can also be a symptom of blood cancer.

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