Color of the Tongue Speaks Your Health

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The Color of Tongue
The Color of Tongue

The human body itself is an excellent self-operated and well-organized machine, in which all the organs work systematically. In such a situation, even the slightest defect in any organ gets reflected in the entire body. When suffering from any disease, the body itself starts giving signals about it. Its effect can be clearly seen on the external parts of the body, such as the color of the tongue and the changes in it indicate the health condition to a great extent.

In this article, we are going to tell you how physical problems can be identified by the color of the tongue.

The color of the tongue changes due to the toxins present in the body. In such a particular disease, a layer gets deposited on the tongue and its color changes. In this way, by looking at the change in the color of the tongue, the internal problems of the body can be estimated to a great extent. Let us understand in detail about the changes in the tongue and their signs.

Black tongue is a warning bell

People often associate black tongue with bad omen, but if the real cause of black tongue is known from the point of view of medical science, then it is a danger signal for health. In fact, darkening of the tongue indicates not just one but many diseases. This can be a symptom of deadly diseases ranging from diabetes to ulcers and cancer. Apart from this, due to the growth of bacteria in the mouth, the tongue starts appearing darker than the normal color. Therefore, never take the blackness of the tongue lightly, rather consult a doctor for this.

Blue Tongue

The tongue turning blue is also a dangerous sign for health. In fact, blue tongue can be a sign of heart related problems. When blood circulation in the body is disrupted due to heart problems, the color of the tongue turns blue. Therefore, if you notice your tongue turning blue, then get yourself physically examined.

White Coating on Tongue

White layer often accumulates on the tongue, which people ignore. But in reality, white layer on the tongue can be a sign of digestive problems. Apart from this, when phlegm increases in the body, white layer starts accumulating on the tongue.

Yellow Coating on Tongue

Yellowness of the tongue is also a sign of health problems. Let us tell you that in jaundice, yellowness becomes clearly visible on the tongue, while due to lack of blood in the body, a yellow layer appears on the tongue.

Cracked Tongue

Some people also complain of cracks in the tongue. Let us tell you that this condition is called the medical term fissured tongue, which can be a sign of infection in the body. Apart from this, people suffering from kidney and diabetes also face this problem.

Redness of Tongue

The color of the tongue turning red is also a serious sign in itself. When suffering from viral flu and fever, the color of the tongue often becomes red. Let us tell you that light pink on the tongue is a sign of a healthy body, so if the color of your tongue is becoming darker or lighter than normal, then never ignore it and immediately contact a doctor. On the basis of your physical examination, the doctor will be able to tell the real reason for the change in the color of the tongue.

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