Five Reasons Not Losing Weight

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5 such reasons weight is not reduced
5 such reasons weight is not reduced

Maintaining healthy weight is very important. If your weight has increased, then you can be a victim of many diseases. Obesity has a bad effect on health. It is very important to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle for weight loss. Many times the weight is not reduced even after lakhs of attempts.

5 such reasons, due to which weight is not reduced:

Skipping Meals

This is the biggest mistake most people make in their weight loss journey. If you think that you can lose weight by skipping meals, then you are wrong. This slows down metabolism. Slow metabolism means fewer calories will be burned. Because of which fat loss will be less. Eat a balanced meal. Don’t eat unhealthy but don’t skip meals.

Do Not Rely Only on Diet

Of course, the right diet is very important for weight loss. But only diet will not reduce weight. For this, you also have to pay attention to physical activities. If you are not able to do much exercise, then at least walk for some time after eating. You will feel the difference.

Effects of Hormonal Imbalance

One of the major reasons for not losing weight is the imbalance of hormones present in the body. Insulin resistance, PCOD, thyroid and some other hormones can affect your weight. So pay attention to hormonal balance.

Chronic Stress

Sometimes we all face stress. But if you are under stress for a long time, it can affect your weight. Increasing stress hormones can affect insulin levels. Due to which fat storage can increase. So try to manage stress. You can take the help of yoga and meditation for this.

Lack of Sleep

For weight loss, you cannot ignore this factor at all. If you are not getting a good sleep, then weight loss will be difficult. Getting enough sleep keeps hormones, stress levels, and cravings under control. Sleep is very important to follow the weight loss routine properly.

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