Tips to Take Care of Eyes in Summer

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The increasing temperature in summer has a direct effect on our health. There can be many problems related to health in summer. As the temperature rises, we are advised to take more care of our health. Rising temperature also affects the eyes. Especially in the afternoon, when our eyes are exposed to direct sunlight, there can be many problems related to the eyes. By taking proper care and following some special tips, many problems related to the eyes can be prevented from occurring.

In summer, just as our skin needs protection from UV rays, Tips to take care of our eyes:

Keep eyes Hydrated

Just as there should be no shortage of water in the body in summer, it is also necessary to keep the eyes hydrated. In the summer season, eyes often become dry. Due to the increased temperature and heat stroke in summer, there may be a problem of dryness and burning sensation in the eyes. So drink the right amount of water. Apart from this, alcohol and caffeine also have bad effects on the eyes.

Choosing the Right Glasses

Choosing the right shades is essential for eye protection in summer. Due to the dangerous UV rays, photokeratitis or photoconjunctivitis can occur. It is also called snow blindness. Therefore, for the health of the eyes in summer, protect the eyes with the right shades while going out in the sun.

Take Care while Swimming

The chlorine found in swimming pools can have adverse effects on the eyes. That’s why while swimming, definitely wear swimming glasses so that there is no swelling and irritation in the eyes.

Eye drop is necessary

Just like your skin needs to stay moisturised, in the same way your eyes need to stay moisturised. With the increased exposure to electronic devices, eye care has become more important. The blue rays emanating from these devices have an adverse effect on the eyes, so the eyes should be kept moist through artificial tear drops. Dehydration of eyes is normal in rising temperature and pollution. However, keep your eyes hydrated naturally with artificial tear drops.

Get plenty of sleep

To keep the eyes healthy, it is necessary to get full sleep at night. This will give complete rest to the eyes. Eyes work a lot during the day, so eyes should get complete rest at night.

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