What is Nipah Virus Infection and its Prevention?

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What is NIPAH Virus infection
What is NIPAH Virus infection

The cases of Nipah virus infection are increasing in Kerala, till Friday the number of infected people has increased to six. According to media reports, the infection has been confirmed in a 39-year-old man in Kozhikode district. Health experts have alerted people about the increasing cases of infection in the state and advised them to keep making efforts for prevention.

What is NIPAH Virus?

Nipah virus spreads to humans through animals. Sometimes it spreads through food and drink and also through humans. The first case of Nipah was seen in 1999, but till now there is neither any medicine nor any vaccine for its treatment. For now, the only treatment for Nipah is caution. It is spread by contact with infected bats, pigs or body fluids of an infected person, its mortality rate can be up to 75%, which is a matter of serious concern.

It is noteworthy that in the last few days, cases of infection have increased rapidly in Kerala. People who came in contact with the infected people have also been kept under special surveillance. According to the report, about 706 people are in the contact list of the infected, out of which 77 people are at high risk. 153 people at risk are health workers. Health Minister Veena said that no one in the high risk category is showing symptoms at present, although they are being monitored seriously.

How to prevent this serious disease?

  • Health experts say, all people need to be alert about the risks of this serious infection. Infection can be prevented by following some measures.
  • The risk of transmission from bats to humans is high, so avoid going to places where there are a lot of bats.
  • Keep trying to avoid close contact with sick animals or those who are infected. Gloves and other protective clothing should be worn before close contact with such people.
  • Close physical contact with patients infected with Nipah virus should be avoided.
  • The risks of infection with this disease can be reduced by following good hygiene measures.

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