International Chess Day 2023

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International Chess Day 2023
International Chess Day 2023

Chess is a game that is loved by both children and adults. The popularity of this game is increasing with time. This game makes a person more creative. Chess games are also known as mind games.

Chess is a great game for exercising the brain. Playing chess boosts memory. This reduces the risk of depression and anxiety. This game can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. World Chess Day is being celebrated all over the world today i.e. 20th July.

So let’s know on this special day, what are the benefits of playing chess.

  • Improves Memory – Chess is a game that requires the player to memorize and learn moves. In such a situation, this game helps in increasing memory. This improves memory power. People who play chess, their learning ability develops rapidly. This game also protects against Alzheimer’s and dementia. When children learn chess in school, it has a good effect on their studies as well. Their memory and concentration improves while reading.
  • Increases Confidence – Chess is a game in which all the players are alone. They have to take the decisions related to the game on their own and the players are also responsible for its result. If he loses, it is his fault and if he wins the game, he deserves it. Playing chess in this way gives a sense of responsibility and also increases self-confidence. With this game you learn to trust yourself.
  • Learn to Solve Problems – Chess is like a puzzle, it needs to be solved in order to win. In this game thinking is also practiced to make moves. To solve the problem that comes in this game, you put emphasis on the mind, due to which the mind works fast. By playing chess, you learn to find a solution to any problem faster.
  • Increases IQ level – Chess improves IQ. It has been proven many times that chess players have higher IQ level than others. According to research, the children who played chess had higher IQ than the children who did not play chess.

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