Mata Jija Bai: Jayanti Special

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Mata Jija Bai: Jayanti Special

Jijabai was the mother of the great Maratha king and warrior Shivaji. She stood strongly against the rival Mughal Empire. Jijabai taught Shivaji the importance of strategy, values and religion by narrating stories from great epics and folklore. He taught Shivaji the art of politics and prepared him to become a just and truthful ruler. Today, through this article, let us know about Mata Jijabai.


Jijabai was born in 1594 in Sindhkhed city of Maharashtra.

His father was Lakhuji Jadhav who was a jagirdar in the court of Nizam Shahi Sultan. Lakhuji controlled a small part of his kingdom. His mother’s name was Mahalsabai Jadhav.

Jijabai became after marriage

According to the customs of that time, she was married to Shahaji Bhonsle at a young age. After marriage, his surname was no longer Jadhav and became Bhonsale. After which she was known as Jijabai Bhosle.

As Chhatrapati Shivaji’s mother

The true importance of mother in any person’s life can be gauged from the fact that on one hand she is the first guru, on the other hand heaven is said to be at the feet of the mother. One such mother and brave woman was Jijabai who was not only Chhatrapati Shivaji’s friend and guide but was also a great source of inspiration. He never lost courage and patience in the face of difficulties and adversities. He imparted moral values and ideals to his son. On the basis of these values and moral values, Shivaji later became Chhatrapati Shivji Maharaj, who established Hindavi Swaraj.

Eleventh Hour

Known as the ‘Queen Mother’, Jijabai died a few days after Shivaji’s coronation, in the village of Pachad, at the foot of Fort Raigad. Today, the area of Raigarh is considered sacred, and several statues of Mata Jija with child Shivaji remind of the maternal bond between two great inspirational figures of Indian history.

What was the name of Chhatrapati Shivaji’s mother?

Mata Jijabai

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