Chhath Puja 2023: When is Chhath Puja and Know the Fasting Rules?

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Happy Chhath Puja 2023
Happy Chhath Puja 2023

Chhath Puja is considered a very sacred festival. This festival is considered dedicated to Sun God and Shashthi Mata who is also known as Chhathi Mata. Chhathi Maiya is considered the goddess who protects children. Especially in North India and Bihar, enthusiasm for Chhath Puja is seen more. Nahay Khay is considered to be the beginning of Chhath Puja festival.

Chhath festival is starting from this day

Day of Nahay Khay – Nahay Khay will be done on 17 November 2023, Friday.
Kharna date – Kharna is on 18 November 2023, Saturday.
Evening Arghya of Chhath Puja – Evening Arghya of Chhath Puja will be given on 19th November.

Keep these things in mind while making Prasad
Special care is taken of purity and cleanliness in Chhath Puja. In such a situation, while making Prasad for Chhath Puja, do not spoil it even by mistake, and also one should not eat anything before making it. Take full care of your hygiene. Also, the place where Prasad is made should also be absolutely clean.

Keep these things in mind during Chhath Puja
Keep in mind that while making Chhath Puja Prasad, silver, steel and plastic utensils should not be used. Instead of this, it is considered auspicious to use only earthen stove and utensils.

Know the rules of fasting

A devotee fasting during Chhath festival puja should not consume anything before offering Arghya to the Sun God. Also, the fasting seeker should sleep on the ground during this period. Along with this, only Arwa rice and rock salt should be used about 10 days before Chhath Puja.

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