Important Features Taken Away from Non-Twitter Blue Subscribers

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Important Features Taken Away from Non-Twitter Blue Subscribers
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Elon Musk acquired Twitter for $44 billion in October, and since then, he has significantly altered the way the business operates. With a new set of guidelines, including a subscription plan to obtain the “desired” blue checkmark, the billionaire unveiled Twitter 2.0. This decision is considered to be one of the methods to generate income, particularly at a point when some major corporations have suspended their platform ad expenditure.

Musk also made significant adjustments to the list of benefits available to Twitter Blue subscribers. The social networking business introduced the Blue subscription in a number of nations, and Musk has been urging users to join so they can access those benefits.

The Twitter CEO is also limiting several capabilities for users who aren’t members and shifting them under the Twitter Blue subscription, essentially leaving only a few features for users who are unwilling to spend money for Twitter Blue.

Twitter has made the announcement that it will no longer allow SMS-based two-factor verification for users who do not have a Twitter Blue subscription. He also stated that from April 15, only verified accounts would be permitted to appear in For You recommendations.  In addition, users will no longer be able to vote in polls without a Blue subscription, and lately, he predicted that “paid accounts are going to be the sole form of social media that counts” after AI can successfully complete “prove you’re not a robot” challenges.

Unpaid users will not be able to authenticate their account

Twitter recently disclosed that it would soon stop allowing non-subscribers to use SMS-based two-factor verification. Since March 20, Twitter users who have not signed up for the blue tick are required to turn off their text-based login verification codes on their accounts, making it impossible for them to add an additional layer of security to their accounts.

New Twitter blue checkmark Important Features Taken Away from Non-Twitter Blue Subscribers
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Voting requires a Blue subscription.

Polls on Twitter are also seeing some modifications. Voting in a poll will be available to Blue subscribers starting on April 15. It’s unclear, though, if this holds true across all Twitter polls or just those that are made by verified individuals.

Only verified users will be visible on the ‘For You’ Feed.

Musk announced on Twitter that starting from April 15, only verified accounts will be included in the ‘For You’ recommendations. The “only viable approach to deal with the advanced artificial intelligence bot swarms taking over,” he continued, is through doing this. Musk previously stated that verified accounts would have priority over non-verified accounts when replying on Twitter, followed by those you follow.

Only paid accounts on social media will matter

Musk previously claimed that paid authentication raises the expense of chatbots by 10,000% which makes it simpler to recognize bots by phone since AI can handle “prove you’re not a robot” tests. Therefore, he claimed that bought accounts on social media will ultimately be the only ones that matter.

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