Highlights of The Mumbai Apple Store At BKC

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Highlights of The Mumbai Apple Store At BKC
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In Mumbai’s thriving Bandra Kurla Complex, a commercial, artistic, and entertainment neighbourhood, Apple BKC debuted on April 18th. The opening of Apple’s first store in India created a vibrant environment for consumers to mingle and discover Apple’s goods and services. It also made them take advantage of first-rate customer support learning how to maximize the use of Apple gadgets through free Today at Apple workshops. Customers also participated in a unique Today at Apple series called “Mumbai Rising,” which brought tourists, regional artists, and creatives together and continued from the first day through the summer. 

With Tim Cook in attendance, Apple BKC and Apple Saket in Delhi were formally introduced in India. Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior VP for retail was also present. It is clear how significant India is to Apple as a market, and the tech giant’s method centres around these retail outlets, considering that two of the company’s most senior executives spent almost a week there, meeting with the local corporates, creators, and influencer communities as well as Prime Minister Modi.

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Carbon neutrality objective

According to Apple’s 2030 carbon neutrality objective, both stores are totally powered by renewable energy. Given that it is powered by a sizable solar panel arrangement outside the building, Apple actually touts the Mumbai location as being its most environmentally friendly yet. A solar array also powers the Delhi store. They also take into account regional traditions, such as hiring a doorman, which is something that is uncommon in most Apple stores worldwide. 

Apple Store highlights:-

The store employs 100 people, more than half of whom are women, who speak more than 20 languages, including more than 15 regional Indian dialects. The building features glass walls that are a recognizable feature of Apple, and a 14-meter stainless steel stairway connects the bottom floor to an overhanging platform. Even the Delhi location has 70 workers who are proficient in more than 15 regional languages and come from more than 15 different Indian states.

Today at Apple events

The stores held ‘Today at Apple’ events, conducted by actual creators rather than marketing and sales employees, in an effort to make the overall visit more engaging. Mumbai Rising, an exhibition comprising artists including acclaimed designer Aniruddh Mehta, nicknamed the theBigFatMinimalist, took place in Mumbai from April 18 to April 25. Users learnt how to operate the devices in these sessions, which have a capacity for up to 50 individuals. Additionally, these producers will receive compensation from Apple for their work, providing them with a new stream of revenue. The discussions will be held in Delhi using a special roundtable style, which will make them even more private. Users will learn how to take pictures with an iPhone, create art with an iPad, and even play music on a Mac.

Apple- A leader in delivering high-end electronics

The opening occurred during a period of tremendous development in production and sales, as well as Apple’s 25th anniversary in India. With approximately 50% of the premium cellphone market in India, Apple is the market leader in high-end electronics. Additionally, the business offers over 15,000 developer services. With the Mumbai shop, Apple has excelled by drawing inspiration from Mumbai’s diverse culture and fusing design cues from all over India. The Apple Saket store in Delhi is a representation of the gated city, which New Delhi was formerly known for.

Genius Bars

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These shops also have a distinct regional appeal. They also illuminate Apple Care+’s full potential as a key component of the company’s services sector. Appointments at the Genius Bar can assist with everything from configuring a device to retrieving an Apple ID, choosing an AppleCare package, or changing subscriptions. Due to the fact that its products were sold and maintained by other companies in India, Apple hasn’t been able to reproduce the famed Genius Bars that helped make the company renowned for setting the bar for customer care in the field of consumer electronics worldwide. For consumers in Delhi and Mumbai, this varies.

The enthusiastic response is proof of how crucial these stores are to Apple. They add to the legacy of the company, which has grown to be the most significant and renowned gadget manufacturer in the past 50 years. Over 5,000 individuals attended the Apple BKC launch at Jio World Drive, and one buyer also brought the first Macintosh and gave it to Tim Cook. Before the 10 a.m. opening on Thursday, customers in Delhi lined up near Select Citywalk Mall in the blazing weather. Customers brought their iMacs, first-generation iPhones, and iPads; some of them even touched the feet of Tim Cook.

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