What are the visiting places around Badrinath Temple?

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What are the visiting places around Badrinath Temple
What are the visiting places around Badrinath Temple

When tourists go to visit Badrinath temple, they come back only after visiting the temple, but there are many wonderful places around the temple where once the tourist gets mesmerized.

Here, we are going to tell you about some such places around Badrinath where your journey will become more exciting after visiting. Let’s know.

Neelkanth Peak

When there is talk of roaming around the Badrinath temple, Neelkanth is definitely the first thing to talk about. It is believed that the mention of Neelkanth peak is also found in Hindu religious texts.

Neelkanth peak offers many amazing views. After seeing the wonderful views of the Himalayas from the peak, any tourist’s mind will jump with joy. This peak is also quite famous for the amazing trek. That’s why the journey from the temple to reach Neelkanth peak is also considered very exciting.

Vasudhara Falls

Vasudhara Falls, situated at an altitude of about 12 thousand feet above sea level, is one of the most beautiful places in India. Vasudhara Falls is located in Mana village, about 9 km from Badrinath Temple.

This delightful waterfall is situated in the serene environment of the Himalayas. This place also has a legend. According to belief, this used to be the resting place of the Pandavas during their exile. Let us tell you that trekking has to be done to reach Vasudhara Falls. Let us also tell you that the Saraswati river flows in Mana village. One can spend a relaxing moment on the banks of the river.

Vyas Cave

The Vyas Cave in the vicinity of Badrinath is also a very special and popular tourist destination. This cave also has a legend. According to legend, sage Vyasa composed the epic here with the help of Lord Ganesha.

After visiting Vyas Cave, you will definitely forget other caves present in India. It is just a short distance from Badrinath Temple. Trekking is required to reach here. During tracking, one can get to see amazing and beautiful scenes.

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