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The city of India which is known as the Wine Capital is Nashik. Actually, liquor making work has been going on here since a long time. But, especially in the last decade and a half, it has been seen as the wine capital of India. Let us tell you, Nashik is located about 100 miles north-east of Mumbai. The history of this city has been very rich. It is believed that in mythological times the churning of the oceans was done in Nashik only. Years ago, the Amrit named Somras had fallen at this very place. Today there are 52 wineries in this city, to run which grapes are cultivated in many acres of land. With this, let us know why Nashik is called the “Wine Capital” of India.

Why is Nashik called the wine capital of India?

A large part of the wine produced in India is in Nashik. Let us tell you, there are a total of 52 wineries in this city. To run it, grapes are cultivated on 8000 acres of land. Actually, one reason for this is the favorable climate there. Nashik has a hot and dry climate, which is essential for the production of wine grapes. The soil there is also quite fertile for the cultivation of wine grapes. This is the reason why grapes are cultivated on a large scale in Nashik and the wineries present there also get grapes to make wine. Actually, Nashik is the main center of wine production in India. Therefore it is known as the wine capital.

Impact of Climate and Soil

Nashik’s climate and its soil are responsible for the tremendous cultivation of grapes. It has a hot and dry climate, which makes grape cultivation easy. Apart from this, the soil here is rich in red laterite. Also, the drainage system of Nashik is also good, which fulfills the water requirements. According to media reports, the first winery, Sula Vineyards, was opened in Nashik in the year 1999.

Wine Capital of India Nashik
Wine Capital of India Nashik

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