Bullets, bombs & blackouts in Sudan

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Bullets, bombs & blackouts in Sudan
Source: BBC News

In the terrible conflict for the sovereignty of Sudan, more than 180 individuals have perished. Since fighting between opposing military factions first started early on Saturday, 1,800 more people have been hurt.

Now that the two factions are entrenching themselves, there is little chance of a smooth transition to democracy in Sudan.

For the third day in a row, gunfire pummelled the city as smoke plumes rose above the Khartoum skyline. The violent power battle between opposing military forces continues. For control of the nation, the Sudanese army is engaged in combat with the Rapid Support Forces, a paramilitary organization.

The Situation escalated

RSF soldiers allegedly hold the Khartoum military headquarters and the Merowe airport. In 2019, the two generals—who had previously been friends—joined forces to topple longstanding ruler and war offender Omar Hassan El-Bashir.

The debate over how to incorporate the RSF forces within the military is what sparked the war like situation, which broke out on Saturday. After years of military dominance, they now pose a danger to efforts to reestablish civilian leadership in government.

Condition of the Locals

Locals caught in the crossfire include Tagreed Abdin.

Gunfights took place around Khartoum, trapping millions of citizens inside their houses. There are thousands of soldiers stationed in almost every neighbourhood. Sudan’s socioeconomic situation was already unstable. It’s even worse right now.

Some of the few open marketplaces may be found, however, it has empty shelves. People now seek power, food, medication, and shelter. However, they prioritize having peace and safety.

sudannews 1 Bullets, bombs & blackouts in Sudan
Source: BBC

The suffering of the civilians

There is a blackout of electricity. It has an impact on everyone. Hospitals are inaccessible to patients. The hospitals aren’t running very efficiently.

Additionally, because of the street violence, ambulances are unable to travel everywhere. So everyone is in a terrible situation—children, women, and the elderly included. Numerous civilians have already perished horribly as a result of the situation. Any further escalation might have disastrous consequences for the nation and the area. 

It is really a struggle for power

These two generals had been on quite good terms for quite some time. In reality, they conspired to conduct a coup in October 2021. However, recently, their disagreements have trumped their shared desire to avoid responsibility and the need to restructure their forces.

And that essentially took place in December of last year, around the period of a framework agreement. Thus, we have witnessed this escalation of tension between them across the past four months. They have sent troops to Khartoum from all throughout the nation. Both of them have spoken in a lot of combative terms. It is essential that these nations employ their leverage rather than merely their influence on the generals.

Particularly Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE have a lot of influence on these generals in the region that surrounds Sudan. And this is what they ought to use to persuade soldiers to at least agree to an emergency cease-fire.

Sudanpower Bullets, bombs & blackouts in Sudan

The extent to which the world community supported this divisive agreement, which ultimately gave the generals the impression that they could wage this type of all-out war, must be questioned. They must reevaluate and reconsider how they interact with such generals, whom they’ve painted as reformers.

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