Learn how Wikipedia works?

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Learn how Wikipedia works?

Wikipedia is a free online ‘world encyclopedia’ written collaboratively by users around the world. The website was launched in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger and since then the popularity of the website has increased so much that it has become the most preferred website for any type of information. This is the world’s most popular reference website. It is owned by the Wikimedia Foundation, which has many links and guidelines for users on all branches of knowledge.

Who writes for Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is home to over 60 million articles written in over 300 languages. Every year more than 300,00 volunteers come from around the world and contribute content, writing, editing, and fact-checking to complement the research and well-sourced information. Can be compiled and freely accessible to all. However, content must conform to Wikipedia’s policies and guidelines.

How does Wikipedia work?

Wikipedia’s content is created by volunteers who write and edit articles on a variety of topics. One can write a new article or edit an existing article by clicking on the edit button feature at the top of the page. Although there are certain rules when it comes to editing, Wikipedia asks about the source and verification of information so that the editor can be held accountable for their content.

What makes Wikipedia so unique?

The great thing about Wikipedia is that apparently anyone can write and edit to contribute their ocean of knowledge to the world. You might be thinking that if anyone can write any content then the articles written on Wikipedia would be flawed, however, this is not the case, whenever anyone writes any content the website has a special community of editors who check and review the content. Does.

Wikipedia discussion forums

A traditionally conservative encyclopedia cannot evolve unless it is amended with ideas, knowledge, and new discoveries and perspectives. So, with this modern scope of letting people write and edit, updating the content with new ideas benefits the community. Users can now talk to each other through talk pages and other discussion forums to coordinate and collaborate on dispute resolution.

Is Wikipedia reliable?

Wikipedia does not consider itself a reliable source of information or citations. This policy of Wikipedia has been created to avoid any kind of allegations coming from its users. Chances are you may be a victim of misinformation. However, Wikipedia editors work continuously day and night to maintain the authenticity of the information. However, you should not blindly trust any information unless you check the source of the editor’s quote. Analyze the information deeply before accepting it as truth.

Wikipedia’s donation policy

Wikipedia operates as a non-profit organization, generating most of its income from donations made by organizations, companies, and its users. The company does not run any type of advertisement. Nearly a billion users have unlimited access to free information and hence it is a huge global community that is trusted for any type of information.


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