World’s most watched Preschool Series – Masha and the Bear

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World's most watched Preschool Series - Masha and the Bear
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Masha and the Bear

Childhood passes very quickly and what remains are the golden memories of childhood. You can’t go back to these cute and naughty moments in your life, but you can relive them. You can do this by watching Masha and the Bear cartoon series, one of the most favorite cartoon series. By the way, nowadays children are very fond of this cartoon series. Let’s know about this cartoon series.

Masha and the Bear is a Russian preschool comedy series created with computer animation. It is created by Oleg Kuzukov and produced by Animaccord Animation Studio. The series follows the adventures of a little girl, Masha, and her caring friend Bear, who always rescues Masha from danger.

Masha and the Bear | NEW EPISODE 2022 | Wish Upon a Star (Episode 94)

Masha and the Bear is the most watched preschool series in the world. At the same time, its name is included at number 5 in the list of most watched Youth Series in the world.

Many episodes of this series have been successful even on big platforms like YouTube. The Russian version of this series has received 45 billion views as of April 2022. There are different seasons of this show. Season 5 of Masha and the Bear, the first animated show to be produced in Russian, was launched in June 2020.

The interesting storyline

In this show, Masha is a 4-year-old girl who lives in the jungle with Pig, Goat and Dog. In the first episode, it is shown that all the animals in the forest are scared of Masha as she always forces them to play with her. After this, Masha sees a butterfly, following which she goes to Bear’s house. While playing there, he destroyed everything. Bear is shocked to see all this on his return. He tries to get rid of Masha, but all his efforts go in vain. After which both of them become good friends.

Each episode of the show showcases Masha as a mischievous yet fiery girl who wants to explore the world around her. While doing this, Masha’s character entertains the audience a lot. Bear always wants to keep Masha out of trouble but he himself gets annoyed by Masha’s mischief.

There are other characters in this series which make this series interesting. Like Masha’s cousin Dasha, the penguin adopted by Bear, a young panda cub from China, two wolves who live in an old UAZ ambulance car, a tiger who works with Bear in the circus, and a female bear. Apart from this, more characters have been included in the series.

Masha and The Bear | How they met (Episode 1)
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