KL Rahul on his comeback: “Team Hasn’t Forgotten What I’ve Done for Two Years.”

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KL Rahul on his comeback: "Team Hasn't Forgotten What I've Done for Two Years."

KL Rahul has suffered from several injuries, but as he prepared to captain India in one more series, he expressed his gratitude to the team’s management for remembering his contributions over the previous two years despite his absence of the previous two months. “Even if you have been absent for two months, they are still aware of what you have done over the past two to three years for the team and the country. Players truly flourish in such a setting, “On the eve of the first ODI against Zimbabwe, the Indian captain said. He believes that the management of the Indian team has been successful in creating an atmosphere that can foster

Rahul, who after 42 games has a superb average of 46 plus and five hundreds, remarked that this type of setting may assist a player convert from being a decent player to a great player and play a lot more match-winning innings for his team.

“Having the support of the selectors, coach, and captain is crucial for a player. You feel so much more confident knowing that you have a clean head and can concentrate on what needs to be done. It becomes simple for the player to see that you have the support of your friends, “the chic right-hander continued.

Rahul has suffered from a number of ailments, and the most recent required surgery when a sports hernia was discovered.

Rahul continued, “Injuries are part of sport, and that portion hasn’t been very nice to me. But it’s part of the trip, and you have to accept the good with the bad.”

After being declared out prior to the commencement of the T20I home series against South Africa in June, he was absent from the national team dressing room for a while.

After being away for two months, it was wonderful to return to the dressing room and join in on the conversation and laughs.

Never attempted to act otherwise than who I am.

Originality is crucial, and Rahul thinks that throughout his brief leadership, he has made an effort to be authentic while letting the other team members maintain their own distinctive voices.

“I can’t act differently in public. If I do, I won’t be honest with myself, my team, or the game. When asked if he sought to emulate the great MS Dhoni, Rahul responded, “I try and be myself and let the other players be themselves as they wish.”

In his reminder to everyone, he said, “I can’t even compare myself to these gentlemen (MSD), their numbers and achievement are far larger in terms of what they have done for the country, and I don’t think any name could be taken in the same breath.”

“… And this is my second series in charge; obviously, I played under him and absorbed a lot of player knowledge from him. while you were playing

coordinating a variety of bowling attacks

It is crucial that the captain controls the pack when there are a few players who have played frequently and some who are making recoveries from injuries.

“I was at NCA (for rehab) with Kuldeep and Deepak (Chahar), and we were all getting ready for this series.

“So I know they have done their homework and are aware of what needs to be done. For me, controlling them is giving them confidence, letting them express themselves, and allowing them the freedom to do as they choose, the captain explained.

Rahul is aware that as captain, he would welcome the task.

Any leader will find it difficult to manage their players and get the greatest performance out of them.

“Everyone is in a different place in their careers, and few of us have returned from injuries, few have played a lot of cricket, and how do you manage their bodies and how do you manage mindset and nervousness of guys who are coming after a long break, and those are challenges as a leader,” he acknowledged the potential problems that could be challenging.

Prasidh Krishna, Avesh Khan, and Mohammed Siraj have been a part of the ODI lineup for the past six months, just as Kuldeep and Chahar are making comebacks.

“Since the IPL began, Avesh, Siraj, and Prasidh have all played continuously. It involves controlling their bodies and strategies in little doses while conversing with them face-to-face “Rahul emphasised that one of his responsibilities would be to combine the team’s overall strategy with the individual goals and ambitions.

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