Watch: Disguised UP Officer Reports ‘Robbery’ Then, this occurred

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Watch: Disguised UP Officer Reports 'Robbery' Then, this occurred

To gauge the response of the local police, a female police officer in Uttar Pradesh disguised herself and called an emergency number with a fictitious report of an armed robbery.
The police passed the evaluation.

On Thursday, Charu Nigam, an IPS (Indian Police Service) official and Superintendent of Police, Auraiya, entirely concealed her face from her subordinates by donning a kurta, a dupatta, sunglasses, and a mask.

When Ms. Nigam called 112, the control center number for such SOS calls, she pretended to be the victim of an armed robbery.

I’m Sarita Chauhan, hello. Two armed guys robbed me, she claimed.

The officer may be seen conversing on the phone in videos and pictures posted on Twitter by the Auraiya police.

Unaware that their supervisor was watching them, the police took down the woman’s complaint and started their inquiry.

Before realizing the “frantic” woman was their senior officer, the crew scanned cars for approximately an hour.

The local police’s “reaction time” was “acceptable,” Ms. Nigam reportedly thought after checking it out for herself, according to a police tweet.

A video showing the cop searching for the ideal location to do the “test” while riding a pillion on a bike has gone viral.

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