Five Food Items Can Increase Gas and Bloating

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Foods that cause Stomach Gas and Bloating
Foods that cause Stomach Gas and Bloating

In today’s time, people are often troubled by the problem of flatulence and gas. It is not common to feel gas and bloating after eating anything. One reason behind this is the weakness of the digestive system. At the same time, some food and drink can also cause gas and bloating. There are many food items that you eat in everyday life, but in reality they can cause you problems like gas and bloating. Therefore, people who suffer from indigestion or find it difficult to digest food should stay away from these things.

Foods that cause Stomach Gas and Bloating


Often people consider popcorn to be a healthy snack and eat it with great enthusiasm. But let us tell you that even though it is full of taste, it is a whole grain. Due to the high amount of fiber present in it, it is not easy to digest. In the process of digesting it, gas may form in your intestines, due to which you may have problems.

Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted gram is good for health but it is rich in fiber and complex carbs. If these carbs and fiber aren’t completely broken down before reaching your large intestine, gut bacteria ferment them. Due to which there is gas and heaviness in the stomach.


Raw vegetables are very beneficial for health. These provide essential nutrients to the body. But they also contain some compounds which are difficult for some people to digest. Apart from this, eating salad quickly without chewing it properly also produces gas in the stomach. Apart from this, onions also make gas in the stomach. Onions contain fructans, which get fermented by the gut bacteria present in the large intestine and produce gas.


Milk is considered a complete diet. From kids to elders, everyone is recommended to drink it. But the lactose in milk often doesn’t break down properly, which can lead to bloating and gas. Especially, people who are lactose intolerant should avoid it.


Apple protects us from many diseases. But the fructose present in raw apples is difficult to digest and many people complain of gas formation in the stomach after eating apples.

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