There are 4 stages of diabetes, know how it starts?

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4 stages of diabetes
4 stages of diabetes

Do you know that there are types of diabetes also? Actually, diabetes is a group of many conditions, during which our body is not able to produce enough insulin. Apart from this, even if insulin is being produced, the body is not able to use it.

Due to this, our body fails to transport sugar from the blood to the cells and due to this the problem of high blood sugar level can occur. You may also know that glucose, which is found in our blood in the form of sugar, is an important source of energy. Due to deficiency or resistance of insulin, buildup starts in the blood, which leads to many diseases.

People have many confusions regarding diabetes. It has different stages and people often make mistakes in understanding them. Let us learn about diabetes in detail.

Stages of Diabetes

  1. Insulin Resistance: When cells become resistant to insulin, glucose begins to build up in the blood. This builds pressure in the pancreas to produce more insulin, so that glucose can be taken in effectively. In this first stage, fasting insulin indicator appears high. It often occurs before type 2 diabetes.
  2. Prediabetes: People with prediabetes have higher blood levels than normal, but not high enough to be classified as type 2 diabetes. This is a warning sign that indicates a high risk of developing diabetes.

    In fact, when the pancreas gets tired of releasing insulin and is unable to take glucose into the cells, then it increases the blood glucose level. This is the second stage, in which your fasting glucose may come to the borderline.

    1. Type 2 Diabetes: It is a chronic condition where the body does not use insulin properly, leading to high blood sugar levels. It usually develops over time, often following an insulin resistance stage. In this third stage, your fasting glucose and PP glucose increase. In this stage insulin is functional, but cell resistance increases blood glucose too much.
    2. Type 1 Diabetes: It is an autoimmune condition where the body’s immune system attacks and destroys the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. It usually develops early and requires lifelong insulin treatment.

    This is the most serious and fourth stage, in which the beta cells of the pancreas stop working and insulin is not produced. This requires insulin shots to balance blood glucose levels. This also requires working on insulin resistance. It is seen in small children. For this, it is very important to keep a constant track of your diabetes.

    We hope that today you would have learned a lot about these stages of diabetes. To stay healthy, you should keep getting your blood tests done. If you liked this article then like and share it. To read such articles, stay connected with Ultranews.

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