Good Friday 2024: Know Why Good Friday is Celebrated and What is Its Significance

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Good Friday 2024
Good Friday 2024

People of Christian religion celebrate the festival of Good Friday. Good Friday is celebrated as a day of mourning. Good Friday is also called Great Friday, Black Friday or Holy Friday. This year Good Friday is on March 29. It was Friday when the Jewish rulers crucified Jesus Christ after torturing him physically and mentally.

Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for mankind, hence people of Christian religion celebrate this Friday as ‘Good Friday’. Good Friday is also known as Holy Day, Black Friday and Great Friday. This day is mainly celebrated by people of Christian religion as the sacrifice day of Jesus Christ.

Why celebrate Good Friday?

According to the Bible, on this day, Jesus Christ, the Lord of Christians and the giver of the message of love, knowledge and non-violence, sacrificed his life for the welfare of mankind. The Jewish rulers tortured Jesus Christ physically and mentally and then crucified him, that day was Friday.

It is also told in the Bible, the holy book of Christians, that Jesus Christ was nailed to nails for about 6 hours and then he was hanged. When all this was happening, there was darkness in the entire state for the last 3 hours and after the death of Jesus Christ, the tombs started collapsing. According to some beliefs, Jesus Christ was resurrected three days after his crucifixion, that day was Sunday. In such a situation, it is celebrated as Easter Sunday all over the world.

What is the importance of this day?
People of Christian religion keep fast for 40 days, while some people keep fast only on Friday, this is called Lent. On this day, people cover the decorative items in churches and homes with cloth and people mourn by wearing black clothes in the church. Also, the Lord asks for forgiveness from Jesus for his sins and the last seven sentences of Jesus Christ are given a special interpretation. According to beliefs, on this day people remember the sacrifice of Lord Jesus in the church.

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