Bihar Diwas : How Bihar came into existence?

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Bihar Diwas : How Bihar came into existence?
Bihar Diwas

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, every state of India has its own unique identity. This is the reason why the history of every state of India is also unique. Like all these states, Bihar is also an important state in India. The history of Bihar is very old but in a true sense, Bihar came into existence when it was separated from Bengal Presidency by the British on 22 March 1912. The history of this glorious journey of Bihar is only 110 years old. Ever since Bihar came into existence on 22 March, this day is celebrated as Bihar Diwas.

Bihar is one such state which has come forward to play the role of a torchbearer for the entire country. Regarding Bihar, the former President and Missile Man of India had already mentioned that if the condition of education improves, then India can be led by Bihar. Kalam’s words can be linked to the merit of this state spread across the country.

Bihar’s Glorious History

During the First Indian Rebellion of 1857, Babu Kunwar Singh of Bihar State played a very important role. The state named Bihar came into existence only after the partition of Bengal in 1912. Orissa was separated from it in 1935. The Champaran rebellion against British rule in Bihar is considered to be an important historical event in spreading the rebellion against the British. In the year 2000, the state of Bihar was once again divided and the state of Jharkhand was separated from it. The role of the state of Bihar has also been important in the Quit India movement.

This is how Bihar was named

There is a possibility that Bihar is named after the word Vihara of Buddhist Viharas, in which the distorted form of the Vihara word ‘Bihar’ has been used. This region is situated on the fertile plains of the river Ganges and its tributaries. Bihar was earlier addressed by the name Magadha. At the same time, the name of Patna, the capital of Bihar, used to be Pataliputra earlier. Nepal is situated in the north of Bihar, West Bengal in the east, Uttar Pradesh in the west, and Jharkhand in the south.

Agriculture is the main source of income

The area of Bihar is 94,163 square kilometers. Out of this area, 91,838.28 square kilometer area is rural area. The estimated population of Bihar is 128,500,364 crores. After the separation of Jharkhand, the land of Bihar is mainly river plains and arable flat land. Economically Bihar is a backward state whose main source of income is agriculture. Apart from this, unorganized businesses, private and government jobs, and small-scale industries are also the main sources of income. 75 percent of Bihar’s population still depends on agriculture.

Who was the first Chief Minister of Bihar?

Bihar Kesari Dr. Shrikrishna Singh (Shri Babu) was the first chief minister of the unbroken Bihar state of independent India. His tenure was between 1946 – 1961.

Who was the Chief Minister of Bihar for the longest time?

Bihar Kesari Dr. Shrikrishna Singh was the Chief Minister of Bihar for the longest time. He was the prime minister for 17 years and 51 days.

Which Chief Minister of Bihar had the shortest tenure?

Mr. Satish Prasad ji was a leader who was the Chief Minister of Bihar for the shortest time. The tenure of the late Chief Minister was for only 5 days. He died on 2nd November 2020 at the age of 84 during the Covid Pandemic.

Which party has the maximum power in Bihar?

The Indian National Congress has the largest share of power in the state of Bihar.

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