How to Make Your Pregnancy Period Easy?

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easy pregnancy
easy pregnancy

A strong uterus makes your pregnancy easy. Today we are talking about tips which can make pregnancy easier by making your uterus healthy. A healthy uterus is a sign of a vibrant and healthy female body. It is important that we take care of our uterus and the techniques in this article will allow you to do so on a daily basis.

Today we are telling you about Shakti Mudra:
Yes, a healthy uterus is important as this organ plays a vital role in the reproductive system. Many women’s health problems are related to the uterus. Women can practice this to strengthen the uterus.

Shakti Mudra, the name comes from Maa Shakti or Parvati and it represents the female energy in our body. This mudra helps in healing and rejuvenating the female reproductive system. Let’s get information about the way to do it and other benefits.

How to do Shakti Mudra?
⦿ To do this, first of all sit in Sukhasana posture.
⦿ Then keep the thumbs of both hands on the palm and make fists.
⦿ Now straighten the ring finger and pinky fingers of both the hands and mix them together.
⦿ During this, keep the thumbs pressed with the index and middle fingers of both the hands.
⦿ Keep breathing normally in this pose and keep your eyes closed.
⦿ After a few minutes, come back to the normal position.
⦿ Do this mudra daily for 5-10 minutes in any meditation posture.

Benefits of Shakti Mudra
⦿ Helps in dealing with irregular periods.
⦿ Prevents and helps deal with fibroids in the uterus.
⦿ Gives a vibrant and balanced state of hormones.
⦿ Better functioning of ovaries to reduce the symptoms of PCOS and endometriosis.
⦿ Contributes to a healthy and strong birth canal.
⦿ Makes immunity strong.
⦿ Increases strength and positive attitude.
⦿ The ability to function in the brain increases.
⦿ Calms the mind and body.
⦿ It is also helpful in improving concentration.

You too can make your uterus strong with the help of these tips. If you also have any health related problem, then tell us in the comment box below the article and we will try to solve it through our stories. If you liked this story then do share it. Stay connected to ultranews tv to read more such stories.

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