Why You Should Avoid to Eat Leafy Vegetables during Monsoon?

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Why should you avoid eating leafy vegetables during monsoon
Why should you avoid eating leafy vegetables during monsoon

Monsoon brings relief to all after the hot summer. But the monsoon also brings with it the risk of many diseases. Many changes should be made in the diet in the rainy season. To stay healthy in this season, some things should be avoided from the diet. Some people advise not to eat green leafy vegetables in this season. Is it really forbidden to eat green leafy vegetables which are beneficial for health during the rainy season?

Green leafy vegetables are rich in nutrition. But if you eat them in monsoon, then you should be very careful and eat them in limit only and take special care of some things.

Why should not eat green leafy vegetables in monsoon?

Green leafy vegetables are in more contact with the ground. For this reason, they come in contact with water more and due to this, the possibility of contamination due to bacterial and viral infection remains high. If you cook them without washing them properly, they can grow fungal spores and cause foodborne illnesses. Green leafy vegetables grown in the monsoon may contain high levels of pesticide residues. Green vegetables can also cause digestion and gas problems during monsoon. Green leafy vegetables are more prone to spoilage during the rainy season, making them difficult to store.

  • It is necessary to clean green leafy vegetables properly before eating them in the rainy season.
  • Along with this, they should also be bought fresh from the market and should be cooked and eaten fresh.
  • Do not eat them raw at all.
  • If you want, you can also grow some vegetables at home with the help of indoor gardening.
  • If you are storing green leafy vegetables, keep them in the refrigerator and keep them away from excess moisture.

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