Why Women’S Forbidden to Do Sashtang Pranam?

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Women Sashtang Pranam
Women Sashtang Pranam

Hinduism is known as the oldest religion. In this religion, there is a practice like Pranam or Namaskar to give respect to others. It is such a belief that whenever we give respect to a person, we must bow down, fold hands, bow down or sit down. Not only this, it is important to bow down to God even during darshan in the temple. It is believed that when we bow our heads in front of God, then it is the biggest sign of devotion towards him.

Pranam are done in many ways in which Ashtanga, Sashtang, Panchang, Dandavat, Namaskar and Abhinandan are considered the main ones. Of all these, women are prohibited from Sashtang Pranam.

Importance of Pranam
In Indian culture, the tradition of saluting has been going on since ancient times. It is believed that performing the puja not only brings blessings, but it also signifies that one has given up one’s pride. It has been said in the scriptures that by chanting one attains virtue like Yagya. In the scriptures, prostration i.e. prostration has been described as the best.

Meaning of Sashtang Pranam

Dandavat Pranam is considered a process of worship. In the Shodashopachara worship method, God is worshiped with sixteen different measures. In which the last treatment is considered to be prostration. Sashtang Dandavat Pranam means surrendering oneself to God by renouncing the ego.

Why women should not do Sashtang Pranam

Sashtang of women is considered inappropriate in the scriptures because according to the scriptures the place of a woman’s womb and her chest is considered very sacred and it should never touch the ground.

Because women nurture a life in the womb and the thoracic region becomes the source of its food, that is why these places are considered most sacred. It is believed that these parts of the body should not touch the ground at the time of prostration, so women are prohibited from doing this salutation.

In this way, despite being important for life, women should not do prostration. If you liked this article then do like, share and comment on it. To read more articles like this, stay connected with your own website https://www.ultranewstv.com/.

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