Ghulam Nabi Azad said, “Whoever Becomes Cong Chief Will Have to be Rahul Gandhi’s Slave, Carry Files”

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Ghulam Nabi Azad said, "Whoever Becomes Cong Chief Will Have to be Rahul Gandhi's Slave, Carry Files''

On a day when the party’s schedule for the presidential election was determined, Ghulam Nabi Azad’s explosion shocked Congress. Voting is currently scheduled for October 17 after significant delay. The old politician was retaliated against by Congress, which claimed that he only stood up because he desired a Rajya Sabha seat and the right to remain at his mansion on South Avenue in the centre of the nation’s capital.

Azad informed that he is now writing his full autobiography told “Around 90% of the Congress is not Congressi. Some are picked up from colleges, some clerks of the CM have been given positions. I can’t argue with people who have no idea of their own history. I wrote a letter as the Leader of Opposition to Mrs Gandhi even before the G-23. What did they do? They told me to coordinate with KC Venugopal. I told them he was in school when I was the general secretary. Then someone from the family said then speak to Randeep Surjewala. I told them, by the way, when I was the general secretary, Randeep’s father was part of the PCC. He worked under me. How can I discuss the party with his son? What are you saying, Rahul Gandhiji?”

Gandhi continues to be reluctant even though Congress is fully prepared for the presidential election. Salman Khurshid and Mallikarjun Kharge, among others, assert that they will compel Rahul Gandhi to run for president.

Rahul Gandhi may only be an MP, but he is in charge, according to Azad and several members of the G-23. According to Azad, Rahul Gandhi also destroyed his mother’s fashion sense. In response to Team Rahul’s claim that Azad abandoned the party when it was most in need of support and at its weakest, he responded, “But Congress will be like this for the next 40 years. By then I will be in the grave. So they want me to wait until I get to the grave to bring up these points? They have promised that they will correct, but where did it happen.”

The division has been finished, and Rahul Gandhi’s group has been given a specific position. In addition to Azad, several elders have mentioned the security detail and laptop advisors encircling Rahul Gandhi, including Manish Tewari, Jaiveer Shergill, and Anand Sharma. They make reference to individuals like KB Byju, who currently oversees the Wayanad constituency, and Rahul Gandhi’s trips.

Former SPG member Byju. Former bank manager Alankar Sawai currently serves as the office’s key figurehead. He is accused by several detractors of denying Rahul Gandhi access. The younger Gandhi is once again very close with Sachin Rao and K Raju, and Rao is a member of the CWC.

Many elders who used to be in charge but now feel marginalised are disturbed by the emergence of a select few people like Jairam Ramesh, KC Venugopal, Ajay Maken, and Randeep Surjewala. Anand Sharma is said to have brought up the issue of how many district and block leaders had complained that they had not yet received any ballots at the CWC. Jairam Ramesh later refuted this as inaccurate, but it is obvious that the route to the much anticipated elections would be difficult and produce more discontent.

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