Odd-Even Formula Re-Implemented in Delhi

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Odd-Even Formula Re-Implemented in Delhi
Odd-Even Formula Re-Implemented in Delhi

The situation due to pollution in the capital Delhi is worrying. On the advice of the Commission for Air Quality Management (CAQM), the Delhi government has implemented the odd-even formula to reduce pollution. Due to this, the rules for vehicles running on the roads of the capital have changed. Now the number of vehicles on the roads will reduce.

Odd-Even has already been implemented in the year 2016, 2019. This helps in reducing pollution to some extent. Odd-Even Rule in Delhi will come into effect from 13th November after Diwali, which will remain in force till 20th November.

Let us know what is the odd-even rule

The odd-even rule was first implemented in 2016 as pollution increased. Under this rule, private vehicles are given alternate days on the roads on which they can run their vehicles on the roads and that day depends on the last digit of their number plate.

Under this scheme, if the last digit of your vehicle number is even (Odd Number), then the vehicle will run on the roads on even date. Along with this, if the number is odd then vehicles will ply on the road on odd dates.

Odd-even will remain for one week

Delhi’s Environment Minister Gopal Rai said in a press conference on Monday that steps are being taken regularly to reduce pollution. He said that the level of pollution in Delhi may increase after Diwali, keeping in mind that the odd-even formula of one week will be implemented on the next day of Diwali. This will be applicable from 13th November to 20th November.

AQI of Delhi

Pollution levels in Delhi-NCR on Monday morning were recorded to be almost seven to eight times the safe limit set by the government, as toxic smog continued to persist in the region for the seventh consecutive day. The 24-hour average air quality index (AQI), recorded at 4 pm every day, increased from 415 on Saturday to 454 on Sunday.

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