Review: Delhi’s Taj Mahal Hotel’s House of Ming Reopens

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Review: Delhi's Taj Mahal Hotel's House of Ming Reopens

People are experimenting and discovering flavours as their palates and tastes change. We anticipate an uncommon yet delectable gastronomic experience given these sophisticated tastes and daring cuisine selections. The F&B sector is therefore making every effort to provide its veterans with a novel culinary experience. House of Ming is one such restaurant that has reopened in New Delhi and elevates Asian cuisine to the level of gourmet cooking. The restaurant, located in New Delhi’s opulent Taj Mahal Hotel, is known for its authentic Cantonese, Sichuan, and Hunan cuisine. Therefore, you might wish to visit House of Ming if you want to thrill your taste buds with some profound Asian flavours.

General Manager of the Taj Mahal in New Delhi, Satyajeet Krishnan, said: “The Taj Mahal in New Delhi continues to be a prime location with top-notch dining options. The reinvented House of Ming makes a comeback with some of the classic favourites along with brand-new dishes and excellent presentations that honour the flavours of Cantonese, Sichuan, and Hunan. We welcome people to experience Delhi’s veritable institution once again”.

Ambience The Taj Mahal Hotel’s sophisticated restaurant offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that entices you to return time and time again. The instant you walk inside the restaurant, you feel as though you are in a magnificent ancient Chinese palace, with simple yet elegant seats and a setting that is reminiscent of the famed Ming Dynasty and princess Ming.

Food and Beverages The menu of House of Ming features a wide selection of Asian dishes. The Hot and Sour and Manchow soups, which were stuffed with finely chopped seasonal veggies, were our first choices from the menu. It served as a calming appetiser. The Dim Sum section’s Scallop golden garlic and Prawn har gao were served after the soups. While prawn har gao was wrapped in traditional starch, covered with gold leaf, and served with a ginger scallion sauce, scallop golden garlic was stuffed with water chestnut, golden garlic, and chopped scallops. We opted to try additional dim sums, but this time from the vegetarian area, because both of them were flavorful and sparked our interest in them. We tried the smoked-chili edamame Dim sum with mushrooms, cheese, and truffle oil. You will undoubtedly be reminded of your favourite chaat when you taste edamame smoked chilli, but it is Chinese and healthier. The meal that brought a twist to the asparagus that we typically eat, Steamed asparagus, chilli mustard & tau sou, was another starting and unquestionably the best item on the starter menu.

We got Sichuan eggplant, fresh red chilli, and sesame minced chicken for the main course, along with prawn fried rice and hand-cut chicken noodles. Both of the entrées need no introduction because they are extremely well-liked among Asian cuisines. The fact that both of the main course meals were hearty and flavorful fit our need for simplicity.

Wild rice pudding is a definable option for dessert. Your healthy Asian supper will taste deliciously after eating the sticky sweet dessert. We advise you to sample Citron, a lime mille-feuille with an orange centre and cheese.
So, let me conclude by saying that House of Ming is an excellent excuse to escape from friend days or lazy weekends. Come here for dinner, and the next morning you will be in line for elevenses.

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