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Nitish Kumar is an Indian politician who has been a prominent figure in the political scene of Bihar for several decades. Born on March 1, 1951 in Bakhtiyarpur, Bihar, Kumar has served as the Chief Minister of Bihar several times.

Nitish Kumar was born on March 1, 1951 in Bakhtiyarpur, Bihar. His father’s name was Kaviraj Ram Lakhan Singh. Nitish Kumar’s father was an Ayurvedic doctor. Nitish Kumar’s mother was from Nepal. Her name was Parameshwari Devi.

Nitish Kumar Biography

Before joining politics, he graduated in Electrical Engineering from Bihar College of Engineering (now NIT Patna) in 1972. After this he worked in Bihar State Electricity Board and later went into politics. He was married to Manju Kumari Sinha in 1973 and the couple has a son. Manju Sinha died in New Delhi in May 2007 due to pneumonia.

CM Nitish Kumar

In the year 2005, he took over as the Chief Minister of Bihar for the first time and initiated a series of reforms aimed at improving governance, infrastructure and social indicators in the state. One of Nitish Kumar’s achievements as Chief Minister has been to focus on development initiatives, especially in sectors like education, healthcare and infrastructure. Under his leadership, Bihar saw significant improvements in areas such as school enrolment, road connectivity and access to electricity, although challenges such as poverty and unemployment still persist. At present Nitish Kumar is the Chief Minister of Bihar as well as the Chairman of JDU.

Nitish Kumar Political Timeline

1985-89Member of Bihar Legislative Assembly from Harnaut
1986-87Member of Bihar Legislative Assembly and Petition Committee
1987-88President of Yuva Lok Dal (Bihar)
1987-89Member of Bihar Legislative Assembly and Public Undertakings Committee
1989General Secretary of Janata Dal (Bihar)
1989Barh was elected to the 9th Lok Sabha.
1989-1990House Committee Members
April 1990-November 1990Union Minister of State, Agriculture and Cooperation
1991Re-elected to the 10th Lok Sabha
1991-93General Secretary of Janata Dal and
Deputy Leader of Janata Dal in Parliament
17 December 1991 – 10 May 1996Member of Railway Convention Committee
8 April 1993 – 10 May 1996Chairman of Agriculture Committee
1996Re-elected to the 11th Lok Sabha.
Member of the Estimates Committee, Member of the General Purposes Committee and Member of the Joint Committee on the Constitution (Eighty-First Amendment Bill, 1996)
1996-98Member of the Defense Committee
1998Re-elected to 12th Lok Sabha
19 March 1998 – 5 August 1999Union Railway Minister
14 April 1998 – 5 August 1999Union Minister for Surface Transport (Additional Charge)
1999Re-elected to 13th Lok Sabha
13 October 1999 – 22 November 1999Union Surface Transport Minister 
22 November 1999 – 3 March 2000Union Agriculture Minister
3 March 2000 – 10 March 2000Chief minister of Bihar
27 May 2000 – 20 March 2001Union Agriculture Minister
20 March 2001 – 21 July 2001Union Agriculture Minister (additional charge of Railways)
22 July 2001 – 21 May 2004Union Railway Minister
2004Re-elected from Nalanda to the 14th Lok Sabha. Member of the Coal and Steel Committee, Member of the General Purposes Committee, Member of the Committee of Privileges and Leader of the Janata Dal (U) Parliamentary Party, Lok Sabha
24 November 2005 – 24 November 2010Chief minister of Bihar
2006Elected to Bihar Assembly
26 November 2010 – 17 May 2014Chief minister of Bihar
22 February 2015 – 19 November 2015Chief minister of Bihar
20 November 2015 – 26 July 2017Chief minister of Bihar
27 July 2017 – 16 November 2020Chief minister of Bihar
2018Elected to Bihar Assembly
From 16 November 2020 to presentChief minister of Bihar

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