Significance of offering coconut to God?

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Significance of offering coconut to God
Significance of offering coconut to God

In Hindu religion, offering coconut to God during worship is of great importance. In such a situation, let us know when coconut should be offered to God and which kind of coconut should be offered to which God.

In the Sanatan tradition, during every auspicious work, there is a law of Shreefal Sthapana and worship. Worshiping Shreefal means coconut is not only considered auspicious but also beneficial. It is also good to keep coconut in the house. It is believed that by keeping coconut in the house and worshiping coconut, the abode of Goddess Lakshmi is established and her grace remains. Coconut is also offered to God while fulfilling vows. Although there are some rules and a time for offering coconut.

Importance of coconut in religious works

  • Worshiping coconut has been considered important from worship to auspicious works such as marriage, house warming, Teej-festival etc.
  • Offering coconut to God even during the weekly fast etc. brings happiness, prosperity and prosperity in the house.
  • After the vow is fulfilled or even after worship done for a specific purpose, the coconut is broken and offered to God.
  • However, offering coconut by breaking it in Hinduism is considered wrong in some situations. Coconut should not be broken in front of every deity.

When to offer coconut to God

  • According to the scriptures, when there is any auspicious work in the house, especially marriage, then coconut should be worshiped and offered to God.
  • The coconut offered to God on the occasion of marriage should not be broken even by mistake. This is considered very inauspicious.
  • Apart from this, even when the vow is fulfilled, the coconut should not be broken, but the whole coconut should be offered to God.
  • Coconut should be kept in the temple or vault of the house after worshiping it even during house warming. Breaking Pooja’s coconut brings trouble at home.
  • However, you can enter the house by breaking another coconut. Coconut can also be broken in the worship of a new vehicle.

How to offer coconut to which god

  • Maa Lakshmi should always be offered with whole coconut flowers and fruits. Coconut with wet shell can also be offered to God.
  • Coconut should not be offered to Lord Shiva and any of his forms. Jata coconut is not offered in Satvik worship but in Tamasik worship.
  • At the same time, you can offer the coir coconut only to Hanuman ji. Not to any other deity, especially to Vishnu ji.

You should also keep these things in mind while offering coconut to God. If you have some questions related to our stories, then you should tell us in the comment box below the article. We will keep trying to provide you the correct information. If you liked this story, then do share it. Stay tuned to to read more such stories.

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