Who is the girl made in the Starbucks cup?

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Who is the girl made in the Starbucks cup
Who is the girl made in the Starbucks cup

Many times such things come in front of us which we know, but have never thought about them. Like the logos of some companies and the stories behind them.

If you are asked which is the most famous coffee chain in the world, then what will be your answer? You might even miss Starbucks coffee. This coffee chain is famous all over the world and according to a report, there are 34,630 stores of this coffee chain brand in 84 countries. It not only sells coffee, but Starbucks merchandise is also very famous. But one thing is common in all and that is the logo of this company. This logo with the face of a girl is the identity of this company. But do you know who this girl is?

So let us tell you today the story behind the logo of Starbucks.

It is actually not a girl but a mermaid. Yes, this artwork is of a mermaid called Siren. If you look closely at some of the Starbucks logos, it’s a mermaid with a double tail. The name of the Starbucks company was also something else earlier. It was a seaport related company.

Starbucks hasn’t always been Starbucks. The company’s first store opened in 1971 at the Port of Seattle. Then it was named Pequod after a ship. But this name did not become very famous and then its name was changed to Starbucks. An Extra S was named after the ship’s chief officer. Now that the company was named after a ship, its first shop was at the port, then its logo should also have a naval theme. That’s why Jalpari was chosen.

The Sirens were of great importance in Greek Mythology. According to the stories, the voice of mermaids used to attract the sailors towards them and they used to take them to their island. Its owner thought the Starbucks logo would do the same and attract sailors. Then the first logo was designed which was of coffee brown color. The design of the mermaid was so clear in it that even her breasts were visible. The initial logo also featured words such as coffee, tea and spices to describe what the company offered.

Logo Changes over Time

In 1987, the company was bought by Howard Schultz, an American businessman. They hired an American artist and graphic designer and gave the mermaid a makeover. Its logo changed from brown to green.

Subsequently, in 1992 the original logo was changed once again and the mermaid’s face was zoomed in. In 2008, this logo was changed once again before the company’s 40th anniversary. At that time the color of the logo was blackened, but the public did not like it. After this, the mermaid was again painted green.

In 2011, Jalpari was given the most importance. By this time people had come to recognize the Starbucks company with that logo, so the name was dropped. By this time Jalpari had got the princess look and a crown was also visible on top of her hair. This logo is still in use and is always rebranded with minor changes. Now the identity of the Starbucks company has become its logo. So this was the story of Starbucks.

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