World’s Smallest Airport, Know 3 Special Things About It

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world's smallest Airport.
world’s smallest Airport.

You must have heard about many airports which are very big and luxurious, but today we are going to tell you about the smallest airport in the world.

Where is the world’s smallest airport?

  • The Caribbean island of Sabah has the world’s smallest commercial runway named Juancho Yaruskin Airport.
  • At only a quarter of a mile long, the runway is only slightly longer than the average aircraft carrier, and this is why jets are prohibited from using the runway.
  • Window Air is the only airline serving the airport and operates twice daily flights to nearby St. Martin and St. Eustatius, which can be reached by plane in less than 15 minutes.

When was this airport built?
This airport was completed on 18 September 1963. For a few years there was one flight a week, but now four charter flights a day come and go from here.

This has happened because of the increase in tourism. Here the pilot doing landing and takeoff needs to have the best experience. Slight carelessness can lead to the plane hitting a rock or falling into the sea. This is the reason why jet planes cannot come here, as the runway is too short for them.

Apart from this airport, Moshoshu International Airport is also a very small airport. Despite its small size, the airport handles not only domestic flights but also international flights bound for Johannesburg in South Africa. Also Barra’s Tragh Mhor beach is the only beach runway in the world which is very short.

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