Afghanistan becomes the world’s “least secure” nation, according to a report

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Afghanistan becomes the world's "least secure" nation, according to a report

According to local media quoting a survey by Gallup’s Law and Order Index, the war-torn nation of Afghanistan has been classified as the “least safe” country in the whole globe despite ongoing human rights atrocities caused by Taliban control.
About 120 nations were rated depending on how safe and secure their residents were. This study was released after Afghanistan held the title of “least peaceful” country in the world for five years, according to Khaama Press.

As the study was based on whether respondents felt safe in their neighborhoods and if they had experienced theft or violence in the preceding year, Afghanistan came out on top with a score of 51.

Although low, Afghanistan’s score in 2021 was higher than its previous mark in 2019, which was 43, according to the Gallup study. When the US army withdrawal from Afghanistan began in 2021, Gallup conducted polls there.

According to Khaama Press, Singapore was regarded as the most secure country, scoring 96 in the survey report.

According to Gallup’s index, Afghanistan is the nation where individuals are “least likely” to feel secure strolling alone at night after the Taliban took over.

An extraordinary national economic, financial, and humanitarian catastrophe has aggravated the human rights situation since the Taliban took control of Kabul last year.

Terrorist attacks, assassinations, explosions, and assaults have become commonplace, and human rights abuses such as the ongoing murder of people, the destruction of mosques and temples, assaults on women, and the stoking of terror in the area continue unabatedly.

The Taliban destroyed the framework for combating gender-based violence, put up additional obstacles to women’s access to healthcare, interfered with the work of women’s relief workers, and assaulted women’s rights protestors.

Large-scale violence has been unleashed since the US soldiers left the country, causing political unrest in many regions of the nation. According to UNAMA, at least 59% of the population currently needs humanitarian aid, an increase of 6 million people since the beginning of 2021.

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