Bengali girl made a 30-kilometer journey and attempted to sell blood to pay for a smartphone

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Bengali girl made a 30-kilometer journey and attempted to sell blood to pay for a smartphone

A local Japanese airline is attempting to fill vacant seats by giving Tokyo-based employees subscriptions that would allow them to relocate to a location over 900 kilometers (550 miles) away and go back and forth to the capital by air as frequently as they like.
In addition to limitless flights between Kitakyushu, where the airline is located, and Tokyo’s Haneda Airport, Star Flyer Inc. wants to launch a monthly subscription service that includes lodging in and around the southern city of Fukuoka on the island of Kyushu in the spring.

According to the carrier, the price will range from 200,000 yen ($1,340) to 400,000 yen a month, which will be competitive with rents for large homes in the capital to attract workers with families.

The 17-year-old woman from South Dinajpur’s Tapan neighborhood informed police that she had just purchased a smartphone online and then realized she could pay for it by giving blood to the hospital.

The hospital personnel notified the NGO after she informed the blood bank employees that she wished to donate blood in return for cash. The blood bank personnel was astonished to hear the minor’s idea and informed her that it doesn’t operate that way. They forced the child to sit down out of concern for her welfare and called the hospital counselor.

“Today, a little girl visited the hospital. She first revealed to us that she told us that she wanted to do a blood test. When we asked her why she wanted a blood test, we found her incoherent, and that is when we informed the Balurghat district Childline helpline.

They arrived and brought her to their workplace. She kept using different justifications, such as her schooling or that her parents were deceased or still living, although she had problems with them. She then revealed that she required money since she had made a mobile phone reservation online. “Counselor at Balurghat Hospital Kanak Das spoke to NDTV.

Childline workers took control of the minor and alerted her parents after getting the information. The young child disclosed to Childline that her father sells vegetables.

The girl uses an ordinary phone. She placed an internet purchase for a $9,000 smartphone on Sunday using a friend’s phone after it was destroyed a few days prior.

The Father of the girl told NDTV, “I have no idea what transpired, or when  I got here, I got to know that she wanted to sell her blood and buy a mobile.”

The young person is depressed and will probably get more counseling and treatment.

According to the NGO Childline, she will appear before the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), who will then decide how best to assist her.

“She must have been assured that if she did this, she would be able to purchase the phone. She also has depression. Therefore we will present her to the Child Welfare Committee (CWC), so they can decide on where to send her for treatment. Check out what the CWC has to say, “According to Rita Mahato of Childline, NDTV.

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