What Happens When You Do Over Exercise?

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What Happens When You Do Over Exercise
What Happens When You Do Over Exercise

It is very important to do physical activity to stay healthy. For this, people work out in the gym. This does not increase weight. You are not affected by any kind of chronic disease. Your heart health remains better. Blood flow remains good. Mental health also remains good. This means that by exercising every day, you remain fit and healthy. There are some people who become so addicted to working out that they start working out several times a day. By doing this you may cause harm instead of benefit.

Let us know how excessive workout is harmful for health.

Side effects of exercising too much:

  • Doing more workouts than necessary can make you a victim of stress and depression. Actually, when you do too much workout, it causes fatigue and weakness in the body. Due to fatigue you do not feel like doing any work. This becomes the cause of irritability and anger.
  • This can also spoil your sleeping pattern. When you do a lot of workout, the production of stress hormones increases in the body. Due to which you are unable to sleep, lack of sleep causes great harm to your mental health. This can also increase the risk of many serious diseases.
  • Excessive exercise increases your blood pressure and can also harm the heart. Heavy work out can damage the heart muscle. Apart from this, it may cause pain in your muscles. Bone structure is also affected.

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