Easy Diya Rangoli Designs for Diwali 2023

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Diwali Rangoli Designs - 2023
Diwali Rangoli Designs – 2023

Everyone decorates their house on Diwali. Some things are definitely used for decoration on this festival. Like lights, rangoli and toran for doors. People often face difficulty in making Rangoli. Seeing this, we have brought some easy designs for you, which will make your work easier. Let’s see the latest designs of Rangoli.

Rangoli Designs According To Culture

  • If you like diy rangoli, then try this design. In this, the shape of both peacock and lamp is given.
  • All you have to do is draw circles and then make small designs like peacock, lamps and leaves. After this, give finishing to your rangoli with different colors. Your rangoli is ready.

Lamp Rangoli Design

  • Some people do not have much space in their house. In such a situation they make small rangoli. In this you just have to make 2 circles of different colors. One circle will be small and one will be big.
  • After this, add diluted color to a part of the circle and make a lamp. Now make flowers and leaves around the lamp. This rangoli design looks very beautiful.

Diwali Rangoli Designs

  • You can also make a lamp inside the flower rangoli. For this you have to mix 2-3 colors and spread them on the floor. After this you have to make small flowers all around the sides and make a lamp inside.
  • Now make flowers of different colors inside the lamp also. The more colors used in your rangoli, the better the rangoli will look.

Round Rangoli Designs

  • If a big rangoli gets spoiled after making it, then follow this easy trick. To make this rangoli, you just have to make lamps by making small circles on the sides of the big circle.
  • You can decorate this rangoli with a beautiful lamp on its side. This rangoli design is very good to make in the courtyard and in the center of the house.

Traditional Rangoli Designs

Along with all these designs, if you are new in making Rangoli, then make this design. This design of Rangoli can be easily made in any part of the house.

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