Keep These Things in Mind while Looking for PG or Room on Rent

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Keep These Things in Mind while Looking for PG or Room on Rent
Keep These Things in Mind while Looking for PG or Room on Rent

Nowadays, youth leave their village and city and shift to other states and cities in connection with studies or jobs. Since they have come from other places, they have to find a new place to live. Nowadays there are many such apps and websites which tell you the option of house on rent or PG (Paying Guest) according to the location. It is very helpful for the people of now, but there is a fear of being cheated in the app and website as well. So let us know what are the important things to keep in mind while looking for a house or PG in a new city.

House or Room Position

Before renting a house or PG, visit there once and see for yourself. Nowadays, pictures are displayed well on mobiles and websites, but the condition of the house or room is quite different from the picture. So go there yourself and see if the room condition is worth your stay or not. Apart from this, also find out about the cleanliness of the room, whether the painting of the room is old or the room is not sealed.


If you are going to stay in a hostel or PG then the most important thing is the food there. In this case, test the PG food yourself. Also see these things, is cleanliness taken care of while cooking? If you are a pure vegetarian, then non-veg and veg are not made together! Apart from this, try testing yourself about the taste of food. If you are not able to test, then ask the people living there.

Rent and Security

Before staying in the rent, you should take proper information related to money like rent amount, electricity bill and security amount from the landlord. Often in this case the broker quotes one rent and the landlord quotes something else. Also, find out whether the security amount will be refunded or not and the landlord is not taking any other extra charge, like in many places the charge for running cooler, AC and washing machine is taken separately.

Visiting Hours and Occupants

While looking for a PG or house, ask the landlord about the arrival and departure time. Many PGs or hostels close by 11 am whereas there is no restriction on coming and going in many PGs. Apart from this, take information about the family or roommates living together, who they are, what they do etc.

If you also have any important thing that should be kept in mind while looking for a house on rent, then you can tell us by commenting. Stay connected with to read such interesting articles. If you liked this information then do like and share it.

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